Video 101 | Cynthia Kay, A Video Production Business Owner

Video 101

  The world has changed. Video is being consumed at a high rate. And if you want to be noticed in a noisy world, you need video in your business. People are using their phones and tablets and that means more ways to watch video.

Top 5 Presentation Mistakes

Top 5 Presentation Mistakes

  How many times have you sat in a meeting or seminar and thought “when will this be over?” Here are the top 5 presentation mistakes along with tips to help you avoid these mistakes yourself. The Top 5 Presentation Mistakes as discussed in this video are: #1 Muddy content #2 Trying to do too…

Invest in Communication | Speaker, Author, Video Production

Invest in Communication

  As a small business owner, you must invest in your business. Communication is one key investment that small business owners need to focus on. In this video, I discuss how you can communicate well through the use of great presentations. Bottom line: invest in communication.

Cue the Listener

Cue the Listener

  The world is full of distractions. Whether you’re giving a presentation for a business meeting, performing a media interview, or maybe even speaking with your family, here is some advice on how to “cue the listener” away from these distractions and gain their attention.

Speaking Lessons From the Stage | Cynthia Kay

Lessons From the Stage

Speaking lessons for any current or aspiring speaker Over the years, I have presented at many events across the country—everything from keynote speeches to two-day workshops. As a speaker, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and learned some important speaking lessons. Here are a few I wanted to share.  Be a Student and Do…

Communicate with Power | Cynthia Kay, Communication Expert

Communicate with Power

  Being able to tell a story is one of the most important communication skills. Powerful communication can be boiled down even further to the words that you use. In this three minute video I go in depth into how you can communicate with power and even give you the powerful words you can use…