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Take advantage of the social media features that exist, like Facebook Business Page cover videos.

Facebook is arguably the “most social” of the social media platforms when it comes to sharing content. Mark Zuckerburg has this purpose for his creation: “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” It got me thinking…what will this new purpose do for companies and why are some still hesitant to use the site as a marketing tool?

Log On!

According to a 2017 Clutch survey, 24% of small businesses have zero social media presence. You can speculate that some simply loath technology, don’t have the right resources to keep up with posts or have some preconceived notions about the value. It’s important to realize today’s economy runs online, whether you like it or not, and free, easy to use resources, like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, can help promote your business.

Take the example of Coconut Bliss, a small dairy-free ice cream company out of Eugene, Oregon who has made a big scoop in the ice cream market primarily due to the appeal of their Facebook business page. By posting interesting and friendly posts they were able to expand knowledge of their products and grow subsequently in sales. Today, they are one of the nation’s leading producers of organic, dairy-free desserts. It’s all about getting started, staying persistent, and finding a way to connect with your audience.

Facebook Cover Videos

Facebook is known for regularly adding new features to their site and have done so with “Cover Videos” for business pages. This feature gives organizations the opportunity to create a 20-90 second video rather than your typical cover photo. It’s a great chance to highlight your company and boost your brand.

A client of ours, the Association for Advancing Automation, got an early start on this new feature. They posted a cover video on the Facebook page for their Annual show, Automate. The video takes viewers to the show floor, past booths and into the crowds. We love the endless options for cover videos. Imagine drone video of your facility or product demonstrations you can now post directly on your Facebook business page. It’s one more way to attract customers, but like any other marketing effort, Facebook business page cover videos need to be thoughtfully conceived and well-executed. Let us know if we can help!