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Be a small business advocate

If you care about something, you advocate for it. I care about small business so I use every opportunity to spread the word. To advocate means, “to speak or write in favor of; to support or urge by argument; respond publicly.”

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Are You the Face of Your Business? You Shouldn’t Be — These 3 Practices Can Help You Change Your Branding

Excited to be writing for Entrepreneur Magazine. When most of us think about a small business, we think about a local retailer, a restaurant owner, a service provider or a small manufacturing company. In a smaller organization, the owner is often the “face” of the business. After all, the individual started, purchased or took over […]

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Learn How to Brag — Especially Women

One of the things I enjoy doing the most is creating communication seminars for my clients. I teach about how to speak up, communicate clearly and get noticed. I recently had the opportunity to create a seminar specifically for women in the workplace. I know what you are thinking. Is it really that different for […]

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Recruiting Small Business Employees

I have often said that the ideal employee for a small business is very different than the one suited to a large organization. In a smaller company, it is generally all hands on deck. That is because in a small company, employees may walk into something new and different every day. They need to be […]

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Side Hustle or Real Business?

The idea has been around for years, but it is getting a lot more attention- the side hustle. The definition of a side hustle is “work performed for income supplementary to one’s primary job.” There are lots of things that lend themselves to this type of work and the list is growing because technology has […]

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How To Identify Your Ideal Client

Is there really such a thing as an ideal client? Yes. And if you don’t figure out the profile of your ideal client you can waste a lot of time and energy. There are a number of factors to consider when profiling a potential “good fit” for your organization. Here are a few things to […]

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How to Have Confidence on Camera

Mastering comfort and confidence in front of the camera is within your reach! As you step onto that camera stage, excitement and a touch of nerves might be your companions. But don’t — here’s a bit of guidance to steer you in the right direction. Discover a handful of invaluable tips to ease your on-camera […]

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5 Things to Consider Before You Target Big Businesses

Excited to be writing for Entrepreneur Magazine. Here is my first post. You have heard horror stories. The ones where the big company makes outrageous demands of small suppliers, ruthlessly squeezes them for discounts and asks them to take on the risks of inventory without the guarantee of continued business. There is no doubt that […]

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Should Your Start-Up Hire Interns?

Much has been said about the value of internships for college students. At CK and CO, we have had a long-standing relationship with a state university. Their internship program requires seniors to complete a six-month internship as a graduation requirement. It has been a huge benefit for my company because it serves as a hiring […]

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Successful Start-Ups Look for Help

It is true. Unless you have started a business it is hard to understand what it is like. The effort. The passion. The challenges. Sure, others can empathize with you but unless you have taken the risk, applied for a loan and opened the door you do not feel the weight of the endeavor. That […]

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Why Start-Ups Need Exit Strategies

You are getting ready to open your dream business. You checked all the boxes. You have a business plan, financing, and a marketing plan. You think you are ready but in the rush to open the doors, you might have missed one important step. Have you thought about an exit strategy for your small business? […]

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