CK has over 35 years of experience working with small businesses across the country to develop and achieve their business goals. With vast knowledge as a small business owner, she has also helped small businesses through her work as a past Chair of the National Small Business Association (NSBA).

Through her keynotes, workshops, and “Quick Hit” presentations, she brings her audiences:

  • 35+ year experience running her own award-winning media production and communications business
  • Broad-ranging advice from if to take on a business partner to making the right hires, to attracting the next level client, to creating your company “story,” to making smart technology investments
  • Practical, immediately useable advice on how to start, run, grow, and even exit a small business
  • High energy, inspiring engagement that directly meets the needs of each of her clients

What You’ll Notice

  • A curiosity to learn all there is to know about your organization or audience. It wouldn’t be the first time Cynthia has donned a hard hat or a lab coat if that’s what’s required.
  • Cynthia believes her role is to help you figure out the most efficient way to produce results. She’ll help get you there - start to finish.
  • Broad and varied experience. No matter what your desired outcome or challenge, Cynthia has probably dealt with it before.

Communications and Media Training

High-performing organizations understand the importance of communication. In fact, 86% of employees and executives cite the lack of effective collaboration and communication as the main causes for workplace failures. Great communication and presentations that influence, educate and inform don’t just happen. It takes work. Cynthia offers a variety of workshops from basic business communication skills to advanced presentation and media training. She shares:

  • Top 5 presentation mistakes and how to overcome them
  • How to create presentations that “wow”
  • Using Powerful Language
  • How to deal with presentation anxiety
  • And much more


Need to energize, engage, and inspire your audience? Get more from Cynthia Kay than just fluff. You get the energy plus the experience of a successful business owner who shares how to power-up your business. Cynthia has successfully navigated the ups and downs of the economy, a pandemic, and the challenges of working with large global customers. Let her share her expertise and help you design the perfect custom event for your group.

  • Strategies for Doing Business with Big Business
  • Business Success: from Starting up to Stepping Out
  • Broad ranging advice from taking on a business partner to making the right hires, attracting the next-level client to creating your company’s “story”
  • Should You Stay or Should You Go
  • The Culture Gap: Why Business is Missing the Mark
  • Do You Have the Passion and Staying Power to Succeed in Business

Interactive Workshops

People learn best by doing. As a business owner, teacher and skilled communicator Cynthia offers half-day and full-day workshops that focus on the critical aspects of business, from starting up to stepping out. The sessions are a wonderful blend of live presentation, video features, fun exercises, and discussion. Sessions can be general or targeted to the make-up of the audience. The result is a roadmap for each attendee to use as an action plan.

Guest Speaking Sessions

These one-hour presentations are ideal for breakout sessions at larger meetings. They can also be used for “lunch and learns” by businesses working to engage employees or target customers. These guest speaker sessions are one-topic deep-dive sessions.

Quick Hit Virtual Presentations

Virtual meetings don’t have to be talking heads. As an award-winning former media person, Cynthia adds the zip to your virtual meeting with sessions starting at 10:00. These videos can cover topics and offer tips on safety moments, cybersecurity tips, dealing with unreasonable customers, three sure ways to get your business noticed, how to get the most from the meeting, and more. They are fun, humorous and have a message.

“Cynthia’s keynote for an audience of small retail business owners was inspired. Though her field is different than theirs, she easily won them over with her deep understanding of what it means to run a small business in America today.”

- Erin Slonaker, Editor in Chief Yarn Market News Magazine