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Win Big Business

  Small Business For Big Thinkers. Just because you are a small business, it doesn’t mean you should think small. It’s why I am so passionate about my workshops on this topic–I teach businesses how to get down in the trenches. Which leads to the opportunity to win big business. Understand that big business is…

Step Aside. Let Employees Tell the Story

Step Aside. Let Employees Tell the Story

Your company story is important. Let the employees tell the story. Corporate communication is complex. That’s because every organization has multiple audiences- employees, managers, stakeholders, and customers. Each of these has a unique need, level of interest and understanding of your organization. Not to mention, video is becoming the preferred method of communication and not…

Invest in Communication | Speaker, Author, Video Production

Invest in Communication

  As a small business owner, you must invest in your business. Communication is one key investment that small business owners need to focus on. In this video, I discuss how you can communicate well through the use of great presentations. Bottom line: invest in communication.

Running a Lean Business Model | Speaker, Author, Video Production

Running a Lean Business Model

  As many in manufacturing know, Toyota was the company that really brought the lean business model mainstream. I’ve helped a number of companies introduce the lean production concept into their own business. Small businesses are often lean and therefore can offer great value at a lower cost than a big business. 

Business Workshops Work... If Done Right | Cynthia Kay

Business Workshops Work… If Done Right!

Business workshops could be a great value to your team, or not. How do you energize your team? Help them develop personally and professionally? Create a bond with your company?  One way is to invest in them. Business workshops and seminars are a proven way to do that. To show employees that you care enough to offer them an…